Traveling Tips For The Holidays

The holidays are the season to be jolly but not so much when you’re traveling. The actual travel itself can get chaotic if you’re not prepared for it. It can even test your patience. I know this because I have experienced it firsthand. Last year, we had to travel abroad to spend a white Christmas with my relatives but lo and behold, it was a disaster. Sad to say I had to learn it the hard way but since this is a new year, I’ve decided to help those who are planning to travel and give them a heads up so they’ll know what potential struggles lay ahead.


Tip Number 1: Avoid Peak Dates

Peak travel dates are the worst dates to travel because the people are swarming. If you book early you’ll save on costs and you’ll save yourself the hassle of squeezing into the crowd. During Christmas and the New Year, the peak travel dates can change so you have to do your research ahead of time. There are a lot of travel apps you can download which shows you the prices for every date. Choosing a date way ahead around a week before will do and for your return ticket give it a couple of days or more before heading home.


Tip Number 2: Be Familiar With Your Airports

Do you know that checking alternate airports during the holidays is important? Here’s our tip, smaller airports hold lesser flights, which means chances of delays are slim. Delayed flights can be pretty vexing especially during the happiest time of the year.


Tip Number 3: Cure Boredom

Long distance flights can be quite boring that’s why I suggest you bring with you modes of entertainment whether these are books or the best Disney World related podcasts. Make sure you pack everything in the best bag for Disney World in 2017 and put all your essentials that will help cure boredom.


Tip Number 4: Leave The House Early

The holidays are also the time for crazy and chaotic traffic. People are out and about getting ready for their holiday dinners and doing last minute shopping for family and friends. The least you’d want if you were going to be traveling is to get stuck in a traffic jam. My suggestion is to leave early. Allocate at least two to three hours regardless if you’re going to travel by air, by sea or by land. Being stuck in heavy traffic can bring your mood down. Trust me, I’ve learned from this last year.


Tip Number 5: Pack Way Ahead

If it’s going to be an international flight, pack at least five days ahead so you can be certain that you brought with you everything you need. The last thing you’d want is to wind up with the wrong dresses for the holidays. The holiday season has to be perfect so make sure you do your packing in advance.

So there you have it, everything you need to know when traveling during the holidays. Make sure everything is ready!

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