daimlerchryslerservices.com is all about providing you a broad range of automotive financial services; we lease, finance and insure for all types of vehicles from passenger cars to commercial vehicles.

Daimlerchryslerservices.com is owned by Frederick D. Daniel. He started this blog to provide automotive information and assists new car owners on how to maintain and also get insurance for their newfound vehicles.

Through, this blog, Frederick D. Daniel shares all the knowledge he learned from his father who was a mechanic to help car owners understand the importance of regular maintenance.

Routine maintenance in the long term will save you a lot of money as well as ensure that your vehicle does not experience mechanical troubles often. We will help you learn how to fix a simple and common mechanical errors like changing the oil filters for better engine performance or tires that are under-inflated which can lead to loss of fuel efficiency.

We will also help you on how to acquire car dealerships and assists you on a car – related financial services such as car loans and in getting a car insurance.

Daimlerchryslerservices.com are dedicated to helping all our readers understand everything you need to know about vehicle maintenance and insurance so that you can maximize the benefits of your car.

Our blog will help you learn about world class financial services that you may need for your vehicle, check out our services below:

i. Leasing – we allow our customers to lease a car instead of using it having to purchase it. This service offers our maximum customer flexibility. We charge competitive prices for this service with the payment calculated based on the duration of the contract, agreed on mileage, and the chosen maintenance package. We also offer a discounted one-time price for this service. The customer can switch to a newer model vehicle once the contract period lapses.

ii. Insurance – together with our partners in the insurance industry, we work to ensure all our customers get reliable protection.

iii. Automotive financing – we help make your dreams of becoming a car owner a reality. We offer a broad range of car loans that enable customers to choose the duration to repay the loan which is determined by a number of their monthly repayments. We are dedicated to providing premium financial services to help you acquire your dream car!

iv. Fleet management – we guarantee a smooth and efficient fleet operation by providing quality customer-tailored services on purchase and maintenance of vehicles.

v. Car rental – we allow customers to rent out vehicles for both private and business use.

What drives our company?

We are not just an automotive financial service provider,
daimlerchrysler.com is committed and passionate about our services, products, customer satisfaction and people through our social, cultural and technological initiatives globally. We are determined to making our clients participate in deciding the future of mobility.

daimlerchrysler has the vision to work in close collaboration with automotive owners to add value to their automotive skills and abilities to ensure their vehicle remain in perfect condition and at peak performance.